Our client was a fast-growing start-up who came to us with circa £100K turnover, multiple overdue HMRC submissions and no professional oversight of any aspect of their finances.

Upon engaging us we agreed to take over their bookkeeping which was previously being done by one of the company’s director-owners who had no finance experience. We also introduced a quarterly review system for all of their financials as well as getting them up-to-date with all outstanding HMRC submissions.

As the business grew, the need for financial assistance became less focused on compliance and more focused on business advisory and guidance on strategy. This led to us helping them develop a number of cashflow and P&L forecasting tools as well helping them identify a suitable valuation method in the event of an acquisition. They also required our assistance with tax planning between their UK and US branches.

Having worked with the client for over two years from their early start-up stage and assisting with their finances throughout this period, their turnover is now expected to exceed £5m and an acquisition in the near future is a realistic prospect.


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